signal intensity plots of these SNPs

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We visually inspected all the signal intensity plots of these SNPs and excluded the markers that had been miscalled (11.3%).Since none observed p values reached a genome wide significance level after correcting for multiple testing, we adopted the conservative approach of selecting for replication only those polymorphisms with a p value 3 that were 100 Kb from other associated SNPs (p1.0102). Following these criteria, we identified 15 associated loci including a total of 41 SNPs with the p values for the lead SNPs ranging from 5.20106 to 9.7104 (table 2).View this table:View inlineView popupTable 2 Summary of the 15 loci analysed in discovery and replication cohortsThese 41 selected SNPs were genotyped in the replication cohort (n=1165) using Sequenom iPLEX (San Diego, California, USA) technology. Because the replication cohort included both males and females, LTL values were adjusted for both gender and age.

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