NCAA Basketball’s Greatest 25: They Fared

This seven days Inside College Basketball Greatest 25

1. California (18-2) Thursday through Simply no. 7 Kentucky

2. Arizona (16-2) Thursday night through Washington

3. Texas (14-3) Thursday through Company

4. Pittsburgh (15-2) Thursday as opposed to. Providence

5. Okla (15-3) Weekend as opposed to. Baylor

6.Franco Harris Jersey Louisville (16-1) Thurs as opposed to. Cincinnati

7. Kentucky (16-3) Thursday as opposed to. Simply no. 1 California

8. Annapolis (14-4) Thursday night as opposed to. Virginia

9. Battle this away (14-3) Thurs as opposed to. North Carolina

10.Dan McCullers Jersey Notre Dame (18-3) Thurs through Seton Hall

11. Kansas (15-5) Friday beat Simply no. twenty-two Missouri, 76-70

12. Okla Situation (17-2) Thurs as opposed to. Kansas state

13. Creighton (19-2) Thursday as opposed to. Northern Iowa

14. Marquette (15-3) Thurs as opposed to.Ryan Harris Jersey Road. Louis

15. Awaken Forest (15-2) Thursday night as opposed to. DEB. DEB. State

16. Their state associated with the state of illinois (15-4) Weekend break as opposed to. Kansas State

17. Connecticut (13-4) Thurs through Virgina Tech

18.Mike Webster Jersey Atl (13-5) Weekend through Tennessee

19. Xavier (15-4) Thursday through George Washington

20. Their state associated with the state of alabama (13-5) Thursday through Arkansas

21. Syracuse (15-3) Friday beat Georgetown, 88-80

22. Missouri (13-5) Friday fallen to be able to Simply no. 11 Kansas, 76-70

23. Or even (15-5) Thursday night as opposed to.Ben Roethlisberger Jersey Stanford

24. Mississippi Situation (13-5) Thurs as opposed to. Vanderbilt

25. Purdue (14-4) Thurs as opposed to. Wisconsin


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